Bono Begs For Prayers After ‘Falling’ At U2 Show


During a ‘Joshua Tree’ tour stop recent stop for Bono and U2 in Mumbai, India the group asked for a prayer of epic roll and roll from the crowd after describing how much he had fell and his bandmates had fallen in love with the country of India. Bono reacts to U2 fan throwing bottle at him.

Bono ‘heckled’ by U2 fans for angry remark. According to the Indian based news site: Betadroid, the U2 frontman then discussed how he and his bandmates have fallen in love with the country by saying: “It took us only four decades to come here! India, what a country! Tonight it’s going to be the best ever show. We have fallen head over heels in love with India.“Our prayer for the evening is for an epic night of rock and roll which transcends beyond. We come to India as pilgrims. We are students, you are our teachers,”

Bono then continued by stating: “We have been here for a few days but it already looks to me that we just have to come back,”

Bono called ‘liar’ by U2 fans for disrespect at concert. In other news regarding U2 and Bono took to social media to look back on the aforementioned classic, ‘The Joshua Tree.’ with one fan writing: “I don’t think I am capable of being very objective with regards to U2. The Joshua Tree may be my favorite album ever. Honestly, I think the original album needs any altering. If I were to chose one song that was not on the album that would have fit perfectly, that song would be ‘Heartland’ from the ‘Rattle and Hum’ sessions. I do enjoy hearing and seeing all the extras that come with this package.”