AC/DC Singer Reveals Why Angus Young ‘Needs’ Him


Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans revealed why Angus Young and the band needed him for their ‘history’ and to start the band in a new Facebook post. An AC/DC member ‘backed out’ of joining the 2020 reunion tour earlier this week.

Evans said, “Gerard De Dios – Dave, your stay with AC/DC during the early days opened the door to a great monumental landmark in music. History will not flourish without an origin. Your part has served a great purpose.”

He said about Axl fronting AC/DC in a new Radio Zeta interview, “I know fans were upset when Axl was singing with AC/DC. But the thing is Brian [Johnson] wasn’t with the band anymore, for one reason or another, which I won’t go into, and Angus [Young, AC/DC guitarist] wanted to finish the tour, so he called on his friend. That’s all it was — he just called on his friend to fill in. And Axl said, ‘Yeah, sure. Of course.’ Who wouldn’t? But fans got upset; they thought Axl had joined the band. But Axl never joined the band.

He only helped out a friend. So AC/DC fans should know that — that he just helped out a friend, Angus. And it was Angus’s call. Angus could have cut the tour, but Angus wanted to play. He needed a singer. He asked his friend Axl. He could have asked anybody. So the fans were upset for nothing, really, because he didn’t join the band; he just helped out his friend Angus.”

He said about his own legacy with AC/DC, having been the band’s original lead singer and continuing to tour today playing AC/DC hit. He said “It feels great. It feels fantastic. It’s amazing [to be] part of world rock history. There’s been quite a lot of players through AC/DC — way over 20, sort of thing — but there’s an exclusive club within those players: the five founding members of the band. There can only ever be five in that club, and I’m one of ’em. So, it’s fantastic.” Angus Young recently made a horrible AC/DC ‘deaf’ announcement.