Freddie Mercury Sad Michael Jackson Photos Revealed


Rare photos of late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury partying with Michael Jackson have leaked online, with Mercury drinking beer and looking a bit buzzed. It’s disturbing now for big fans of both singers to see them together, as they both died under tragic circumstances, with Mercury dying from AIDS in 1991 and Jackson dying from a drug overdose in 2009. Queen suffered another tragic loss recently, sharing sad funeral photos. Jackson was again accused of sexually assaulting young boys in HBO’s Leaving Neverland film, but fans of Jackson have criticized inconsistencies in the alleged victims’ stories.

Mercury and Jackson worked together on music in the 80’s, but it never amounted to anything. Mercury discussed the failed collaboration in 1987, “We never seemed to be in the same country long enough to actually finish anything completely.” He said in another interview, “He simply retreated into his own little world. We used to have great fun going to clubs together but now he won’t come out of his fortress and it’s very sad.”

“Fred came out of it all a little upset because some of the stuff he did with Michael got taken over by the Jacksons and he lost out,” says Brian May in Is This the Real Life.

A Queen member recently made a sad Axl Rose and Slash claim. Brian May wrote on his social media a couple of days ago, “A Day in the Life- retrospectively – on our non-travel day off (a rarity), here you can see before, during, and after the Houston Show yesterday. Not gonna lie to you – after two shows on the trot at over 2 hours a time without any breaks, and travelling as well, my whole body feels like it’s been beaten up !

But in compensation there is the warm feeling of a job well done, and around 35,000 happy faces. I’m proud of our team and our new show. And last night, I felt I was worth the asking price. I played some notes nobody’s ever seen before !!! That’s something you can’t plan. ‘Doesn’t always work !’, as Tommy Cooper used to say. 😌. Cheers all ! Bri.”