Freddie Mercury Screaming At Boyfriend Revealed


Freddie Mercury Club have shared a rare story from the late Queen singer’s boyfriend Jim Hutton about what he screamed in his bedroom when he saw a spider. A Queen lie in a new Freddie Mercury release was called out by fans yesterday.

“Jim the Spider Catcher💥

‘On many occasions, no sooner had Freddie gone to the bathroom to clean his teeth before bed than he’d come running out screaming. ‘Spider!’ he’d say. ‘You’ll have to get it out. I can’t do it.’

He was a bit of an arachnophobe: he hated spiders. I’d get up, catch the spider and pop it out of the window. Freddie (whose bandmate Brian May recently revealed the ‘saddest’ photo ever) didn’t like spiders, but he meant them no harm and would never ask me to kill one. He liked me to catch it in a glass or a box and throw it outside.’

-Jim Hutton

👉P.S. That’s the kind of married life I aspire to 😁
The idea of Freddie running out screaming ‘spider’ just kills me 😂 as Jim plays the hero 💪

But once again this story shows as adorably spoiled as Freddie was he had the biggest kindest most beautiful heart… not wanting to harm even a troublesome spider because he had that much respect and love for life and all living creatures ❤”

A Freddie Mercury bandmate leaked a police video recently. Brian May has announced new Queen + Adam Lambert tour dates.

“OHAYO GOZAIMASU !!! (Honto des’?) It’s true !! We will rock you soon !!! Folks … It’s our Japanese tour dates this coming early Spring : Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya. More announcements soon !!! Bri.”