Freddie Mercury Story About Actress Near End Of Life Revealed


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury rejected giving his new cat Romeo to actress Anna Nicholas in 1989 after asked by boyfriend Jim Hutton, Freddie Mercury Club reports. This was after Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS. Freddie Mercury’s surprising young boys party photo was revealed yesterday. Mercury Club wrote:

Jim said: “I’ve got something here. If you don’t like it then I’m going to give it to Anna Nicholas.” Anna was an actress friend of Freddie’s who, only a few days earlier, had been asking him where she could buy some cats.

‘What is it?’ Freddie asked.

‘I’m serious, if you don’t like this …’ Jim said. In Jim’s words: “I opened the box and Freddie peeped inside.

‘You bastard!’ he said. I could tell from the expression on his face that the kitten could stay. He soon decreed that the kitten should be called Romeo. Romeo grew to be a real bruiser of a cat.”

Freddie Mercury made a sad Queen money revelation before his death. Freddie Mercury Club has also unearthed and colored a never before seen 1985 studio photo:

Appreciate and caption this. This photo surfacing online from Freddie’s official websites is still the best gift I received on his birthday 4 days ago.

I know it’s been all over the Instagram ever since but that doesn’t stop it from being my screen saver. I mean just look at him!

His beautiful baby face, his perfectly trimmed mustache, his good boy haircut, his naughty smile, his arms and that soft flawless skin, but we all know what’s the first and most important thing in this photo…his eyes! Damn his eyes!

Those big gorgeous glorious alluring eyes that twinkle with mischief and mystery and Freddieness, and the private knowledge of being legendary till eternity…Just imagine walking into a room and see him looking at you like that.

You can caption the look for yourself and go wild while you’re at it. Freddie in Musicland Studios in Munich in September 1985 (colored by myself). Freddie Mercury revealed a disease worse than AIDS in a new book.