Gavin Rossdale Breaks Silence On Painful Health Scare


Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale sent his well wishes to Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell after he confirmed he had a tough surgery a few days ago. Rossdale said regarding Farrell’s surgery, “You gonna come back like Bruce Lee at his best 💥🖤.”

Perry’s guitarist and former Scott Weiland axeman Nick Maybury told Perry, “Hang in there bro, sending out healing vibes your way my friend.”

A fan named Heather commented, “Sounds painful. I hope and trust you heal swiftly. This is a good time to rest and not fret on anything else but relaxation. Too much going on in the world, focusing on each ailment at a time seems to work well – without the news blasting – well at least most of the day.”

Nissë chimed in, “I’ve had that surgery too! You’ll feel like a million bucks tomorrow! I could use my hands again and the pain level dropped so far! Best decision I’ve made!”

Cameron added, “I remember meeting you after the show at Arcadia in Dallas and you were a humble nice guy. And always said not all rock stars are dicks. By the way most rock stars are dicks – you are not ❤️ we make great pets…”

Bush released The Kingdom earlier this year, their first album without drummer Robin Goodridge, who left the band in 2019 despite the band never make an announcement regarding his departure.