Geddy Lee Makes Bold Rush Reunion Tour Demand


Geddy Lee recently said at a book singing event that if a Rush reunion tour were happening, he’d want to play ‘three hours a night.’ Unfortunately with Neil Peart’s retirement, this is not happening. Geddy Lee revealed if he is upset with Neil Peart yesterday.

“Let’s be honest,” Geddy says, “I’d rather be playing music for three hours a night with my two goofy friends than doing this, but in lieu of that, this is kind of a nice thing.” Lee made the remarks in a Classic Rock Magazine article.

Geddy Lee announced Neil Peart’s comeback project a few days ago. On, fans recently discussed why a famous song by Rush is disliked by many in the fan community. OldRUSHfan wrote, “I’ve noticed that a lot of RUSH fans dislike the ‘Roll The Bones’ song. I would like to know why this is? I like the song fine, and the lyrics are inventive [for RUSH at the time of The Album’s release].

My Qualifications are, started playing percussion when I was 6-7 (Mom’s giant fork and Spoon wall decorations from the kitchen on her Tupperware containers). Took Piano for 7 years, and tarting in 5th grade, in the school band, percussion, all instruments, drums, keyboards etc. So tell me please WHY do these people HATE ‘Roll The Bones’?”

J2112YYZ responded, “It’s the rap section that gets the hate from everyone for the most part. Even though Rush is considered a prog band and all they were doing was experimenting with that part just like any prog band does with their music. Still, too many snob fans thought Rush was lowering themselves by doing rap in a song. It was just them being their goofy selfs for a minute and some fans hated it because Rush is supposed to be super serious all the time. I love the song myself. I even sing along with the rap part.” Geddy Lee made a brutal health claim earlier this week.