Gene Simmons Daughter Bedroom Photos Revealed


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ beautiful daughter Sophie recently posted photos of her having a good time in her bedroom, laying in bed with balloons. She wrote, “Summer full of new music for me and that i’ve written for others 😱” Tobias Forge revealed a few days ago what Gene Simmons did to Ghost.

KISS resumed their ‘End of the Road’ tour in North America last week, and they played an acclaimed show in Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday night.

KISSDude wrote on the forums, “Yeah, awesome show. If it wasn’t sold out it was damn close. Great crowd too! Still sitting here at PNC trying to get out of the damn parking lot! Nobody moving at all!!!!”

Detroit73 said, “Awesome show last night. Place was packed! Charlotte represents well! As a former Detroit resident, it’s not home but it’s pretty damn close!

Obviously the stage was condensed and hoping they will circle back to Time Warner for an indoor concert. You can see that Kiss spared no expense for this tour and really gave the fans a great show.”

k1ssarmy responded, “Great show last night! We had a blast! Like everyone said the place was packed and everyone rocking! I know some people bag on Tommy and his blue sparkle guitar…ha! But it looked great onstage along with the V and the explorer! His playing spot on!”

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