Greta Van Fleet Look Sad In Shirtless Drinking Photo


Greta Van Fleet members Josh Kiszka and Jake Kiszka were photographed looking very serious, and maybe a bit sad (but great, of course, they always do!) as they drank alcohol and jammed on their Twitter page.

The band wrote, “Divergent focus.” Greta Van Fleet have been riding high over the last couple of years, but there have been debates amongst the fanbase about what the band’s best release has been, their early EP’s or Anthem of the Peaceful Army? An Aerosmith member gave his view on Greta Van Fleet earlier this week.

JannL had an interesting take on the Steve Hoffman Music Forum, “I think their EP had better songs. The EP was so good that I thought this album was going to knock it out of the park. But maybe that’s a good thing, that they can get better, not peak on this album, and die out. I like Anthem of the Peaceful Army, and some of the songs are great. But it needs a few more songs with memorable hooks and/or melodies.

I agree about the lead singer’s vocals in that he needs to back off at times. His vocals can be tiring. He needs to have more nuance at times, mix it up with his vocals and delivery That’s what will give them longevity or else people will tire of his vocals. The band is sounding tight.” Greta Van Fleet’s former manager revealed earlier this month why Josh Kiszka is capable of fronting a Led Zeppelin reunion.