Gene Simmons Daughter Calls Out ‘Horrible’ Performance


Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the fabulously talented Sophie Simmons revealed how horribly untalented she is in one instance in a new Instagram post that was shared via IG story. The ravishing KISS daughter stated how badly she is at playing guitar as she took to social media replying to a fan who asked her how old she was when she first learned guitar. Gene Simmons daughter bends over in ‘sick’ backside photo.

Simmons wrote: “I’m terrible at guitar but I know enough to write a song. My mom enrolled me in guitar lessons when I was thirteen or so but I always wanted to write my own songs not learn other people’s songs.”

Gene Simmons daughter reveals KISS show lip-syncing. In other news revolving Sophie Simmons’  rockin’ dad, Gene Simmons and his acclaimed rock group Kiss, fans of ‘the hottest band in the land’ took to the group’s subreddit to discuss one of the group’s most landmark albums – Music From The Elder.

Pete_Worst stated: “First of all, this album is awesome. I heard it for the first time 2 weeks ago and have been listening steadily since. It’s an oddball but there’s enough great stuff on here to make it an interesting and unique addition to their catalog. But to me, the whole vibe of the album and style feels like something from the 70’s. I could see this coming out in 1975 and being much better received, but it coming out in the 80’s just makes it feel out of place with every other thing in that decade. It’s hard to imagine Creatures coming out just a year after this, and Unmasked a year before. They’re both so much more fitting for the time period while The Elder just sticks out. Anyways, this album kicks ass and is way better than it gets credit for.”

Gene Simmons daughter ‘puffy’ new photo revealed. While Bomb_Tombadil stated: “Honestly since “Love Gun” Kiss always seems about two years behind the times with every album. If they released “Dynasty” in 77 it wouldn’t have seemed to be as much of a trend hop as it was. If “The Elder” was released in 79 when concept albums were popular I think it would have landed better. Most of their 80s work was always a few years behind the trends. If the late 80s/early 90s work had come out two years earlier it would have been ahead of the curve and innovative.”