David Gilmour Wife Reveals Heartbreaking ‘The End’ News


The wife of iconic Pink Floyd member, David Gilmour, Polly Samson posted the following on Twitter recently. The status was in response to an article that she shared about a Guardian journalist’s final article as he was facing the final days of his life due to disease. David Gilmour announces Pink Floyd death in sad video.

The Pink Floyd spouse then took to social media to offer this piece of advice as she wrote the following and shared her thoughts on the matter. “Beautiful, heartbreaking and inspiring. Live every day as though it’s your last, live every day for those you love and will one day leave behind.”

David Gilmour ‘freak out’ when Roger Waters quit Pink Floyd leaks. In other David Gilmour and Pink Floyd news, fans recently took to Pink Floyd’s official Facebook page to give their initial reactions to their latest box set, ‘Pink Floyd: “The Later Years”. Davie wrote: “The Delicate Sound of Thunder Bluray is outstanding. I repeat outstanding. I can’t believe how good it is Christmas came early it has been my fav gig since owning it since it came out on VHS back in the late 80s. The box is superb quality and just such a good thing to have. I know it is expensive but I’m delighted I got it.”

Pink Floyd recently reveal David Gilmour demand before death. While Spencer put: “The new mix of MLOR [Momentary Lapse of Reason] sounds like I’m hearing it for the first time kinda. Delicate Sounds of Thunder looks beautiful on Blu-ray & sounds amazing. I enjoy all the concert screen films too especially the Shine On You Crazy Diamond one, really represents Syd Barrett. And the Endless River film is now a great way to listen to the album visually. And the contents are a novelty to have. It makes me wish I could travel back in time to 1994 & use the ticket this came with. Great set.”