Paul McCartney Calls Out ‘Spoiled’ Family In Video


The iconic co-founder of the Beatles, Paul McCartney recently gave an interview to Penguin Books and the Penguin Books’ podcast, The Penguin Podcast about McCartney’s latest children book “Hey Grandude”. Paul McCartney horrible beard photo revealed by wife.

Paul McCartney holding two women in a bar photo was just revealed. Here, McCartney discussed the differences and nuances between being a parent and a grandparent and how he spoils his grandchildren.

Host: How different are you as a grandfather than a father? Are there things that you do that are really different?

Paul McCartney: It’s essentially spoiling them. You know, because you want to be a responsible parent and you want them to eat well so you don’t give them too many Mars bars or whatever it is. ‘Well you know, just this once’ as a parent – and you know you’re doing the right thing and you know it’s right. You want them to grow up healthy, you know. As a grandfather though, it’s different. I once saw a mat in America, I bought it and it says: “grandchildren spoiled here” and you put it on your front step, you know. I mean, I think that’s the thing that you’re suddenly allowed to give them sweets or something.

Host: Okay, but are you going against the express wishes of your kids. So it’s like, dad I’m going out, no screams, no sweets. Do you, as your kids go off on a night out go “yes absolutely, that’s your rule” or do you go “sweets out, screams out, happy days”.

McCartney: I try but it doesn’t work. The doors close and it’s screaming. But I think that’s part of it you know, attain the right to do that and that the parents don’t mind. They kind of know that you are going to do that anyway. So there is them because they’re sensible who are bringing the kids upright and the grandparents and they will do it wrong but they’re not with them all the time. Paul McCartney’s disturbing John Lennon death remark just leaked.