Gene Simmons Daughter Reveals Awful Hot Tub Photo


Gene Simmons’ daughter, as well as budding musician and all around beauty, Sophie Simmons took to social media via Instagram to post the most adorable photo of her as a baby in a hot soaking tub, though she looks to have an awful expression on her face that she pokes fun of herself. The photo is reflective of her journey from Simmons’ beginning stages of life to the woman she has become. We can tell this with the caption’s clearly states on top with, “Look At Her Now.”  You can view the picture below. Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed this ‘overweight’ video yesterday.

KISS fans discussed the band’s second studio album “Hotter Than Hell” and it’s legacy in a recent topic on the group’s official Facebook page to commentorate it’s recent anniversary.

Gene Simmons daughter was just filmed falling asleep in bed. William wrote: “Awesome! One of my favorite of the old KISS studio albums. Very heavy songs..I first got this on cassette when I was 9. I has started at 8 with KISS Alive II and Double Platinum given to me as gifts, and soon started my lifelong collection. I found “Hotter Than Hell” really cheap on cassette at a Venture store the mall in 1981 and it quickly became a favorite. A lot of people mention the rough production quality on that one, but the songs were very heavy, especially the title track as well as “Parasite” and “Strange Ways”. “Comin’ Home”, “Got To Choose” and “Mainline” really rock hard, and who could forget Gene’s “Watchin’ You” or “Going Blind” ..Since then, I gave the vinyl, the CD, the remastered CD, and the cassette.”

Michael put: “I first got the album as part of The Originals set and heard in its entirety at that time. That was whenever The Originals were released for the first time. I had heard some of the songs already as I had Alive! as my first Kiss album. I later purchased the album when it became available at my local record store.”

David replied: “I got it with The Originals. My absolute favorite KISS record. I can remember when I was little the local radio station, WVLK, played Mainline. Isn’t that odd? Probably because it was an acceptable Kiss song to play on an adult, light rock AM station until Beth came out.” Sophie Simmons looks like a man in this new photo.