Howard Stern Takes Brutal Shot At Dave Grohl Disrespect


Howard Stern said he enjoys Dave Grohl‘s work with Foo Fighters more than Kurt Cobain fronting Nirvana, and he appeared to credit Grohl and Soundgarden as being kings of the Grunge era, calling out the disrespect they get compared to Cobain. Foo Fighters savagely called out a Led Zeppelin ripoff yesterday. recapped: After the break they played Foo Fighters ‘Monkey Wrench’ as they were coming back. Howard came back and said what a good band. He said he loves that band Foo Fighters. He said he likes that they rock. He said he likes that the drummer from Nirvana went on to have so much success.

He said he likes their music better than Nirvana actually. Robin said Nirvana ushered in an era. Howard said he thinks Soundgarden did. Robin said they were all doing music at the same time. Robin said that Dave was a musician who was just drumming for Kurt. Howard said they didn’t know that at the time.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he has to stop knocking Nirvana. Howard said he’s not knocking them. Foo Fighters revealed a stunning Michael Jackson secret a few days ago. The caller also mentioned the bed bugs at the theater thing and wanted to hear more about the movie.

Howard belched again and said he has to read his live commercials and wolf down this fruit plate he gets every morning. He said he eats and then he has to belch. He said the fruit almost comes up. He said this is abnormal what he does for a living. He said you shouldn’t have to eat while you’re working. He said they shouldn’t even be doing a 4 hour show. He said he’s been thinking about this.

He said he can’t do 4 hours a day. He said he has to cut back to maybe 3. Robin said she hears him. Howard said these podcasts go on once a week for an hour. Robin asked if he’s trying to emulate podcasters. Howard said no, he’s just saying that people like that format. Howard Stern unloaded on Nine Inch Nails disrespect earlier this week.