Gene Simmons Daughter Reveals Famous Man Is ‘Big’


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons is wondering if it’s “bigger than yours”, as she makes reference to the famous Michelangelo’s David. He’s quite big!  However, this is not for the love of art but rather for the love of music, Sophie Simmons’ wonderful new single entitled “Bigger Than Yours”, which was released earlier this year is set to have a music video released set to the song. Gene Simmons’ daughter showed off her abs in this tight shirt. Michelangelo’s David in early promotional photos is seen to be covered up with a scandalous red condom. It is unclear if this will have a part in an upcoming music video or if it will be the album cover for Simmon’s latest effort.  Gene Simmons savagely called out this KISS ‘Fraud’ recently. However, it is going to be very wild and fun, just like Sophie with lyrics such as these. You can view the chorus from “Bigger Than Yours”, along with the aforementioned picture below.

Get off my dick because it’s way bigger than yours
You get your kicks off of making girls feel small
Have fun with your new chick because cuz I’m done keeping score
And when you call me up thinking you know what you want
I’m sorry it’s too late gotta live without me

Simmons herself had this to say about the controversial photo:

hope you like balloons… Bigger Than Yours – Out At Midnight your local time!

In other KISS related news, fans on the KISS fan board KISSFaq are growing impatient in regards to Paul Stanley’s pet project album, “Soul Station”. The album which, is supposed to be an R&B influenced album and a departure from the norm for the KISS rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist. 

Gene Simmons’ daughter is begging for help in these sad photos. Destroyerhead posted: “Yeah, I’m annoyed with this “Soul Station” album talk. Let him do what he wants to do. If he wants to do Soul Station he should focus on it. Do the album, tour it, and live it. And be a happy man. He probably will not make money, for sure he’ll lose some and he is aware of it. If it’s his passion, ok, let him go for it. But Kissonline should stop promoting every tiny bit of Soul Station. It has nothing to do with Kiss. I love soul and funk of the 60’S and the ’70s. God knows I tried to like Soul Station. But. It. Is. Not. For. Me. And it’s ok, it’s not my business, let him do it.

But he is touring Kiss, I don’t really know why there is no last Kiss album, one final one. They should finish the one last trilogy (like Destroyer, RARO & Love Gun was). But no, Kiss is getting milked over and over again by touring. New music? Nope, we don’t need it to go on tour. You can argue if they owe it to the fans. If they take the money – they can give something back (not only playing live, yawn!). Are studio costs too expensive? Can’t they afford to lose some money? Why don’t they self promote a new album, and sell it directly to the fans? Or isn’t there any passion left for it?

But whatever. Things are what they are and life goes on. If people here see need to talk about Soul Station, just let them do. Just really don’t read it. And don’t follow it.
I don’t need to, so I don’t do. Some dudes here really need to become more tolerant. Why should anyone want to be annoyed?

It’s your own choice.”

Stanley! You look so cute stated: “Could it be I’m falling asleep? The only thing I’m looking forward to about this album is the comparison thread with Peter’s ’78 solo. It will easily be in the top 10 worst albums released this year, maybe even this decade.”