Gene Simmons Daughter ‘Terrible’ Photo In Jeans Revealed


Spotify Japan helped celebrate the visit of Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the sensational and ever so brilliant Sophie Simmons by promoting her on this advert. Simmons uploaded the picture of her next to the advert, in a sleek, stylish top, tight jeans and holding a true piece of art, a drum head that she personally drew on to commemorate her trip to Japan. Go Sophie! Simmons stated the following: “Thank you Spotify Japan sorry I’m terrible at drawing.”Gene Simmons daughter bends over in ‘sick’ backside photo.

In other news revolving Sophie Simmons’ ‘Demon’ dad, Gene Simmons and his acclaimed rock group Kiss, fans of the Kiss fan forum, Kissfaq discussed and debated which Kiss albums sound the best on headphones.

Gene Simmons daughter reveals KISS show lip-syncing. One member, Seanjc stated: “Dressed To Kill is my answer as well. I recently acquired a pair of noise-canceling headphones as well and listening to that album with them gave me a whole new appreciation for the original four. Gene’s melodic bass lines, Paul’s English rock inspired riffs, Peter’s swagger with the kit and Ace’s bluesy sing-a-long solos. On their own, they may not have been anything spectacular but when mixed together they made one hell of a cocktail.

While user, Wallly Swift replied: “My headphone listening is mostly: Technics SL1200MKII [modded]/AT150Mlx cart>Sansui 2000X receiver>Grado SR3251s headphones. KISS NB9001, Dressed To Kill [Allen Zentz cut/Originals 2nd Printing] and side 4 of Alive II all sound superb to me.” Gene Simmons daughter ‘puffy’ new photo revealed.