Lars Ulrich Caught ‘Sitting On Lap’ Of Female Metallica Fan


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was photographed sitting on the lap of some older women with his wife Jessica Miller on Instagram. Jessica wrote, “Stay Golden. Love, Us #goldengirlslive #tradition.”

Metallica fans on Reddit recently discussed James Hetfield being in rehab after a Metallica drinking photo surfaced. Abyerly4 asked, “Has anyone heard anything about how James is doing in rehab? I’m supposed to see Metallica headline at the Epicenter music festival in Charlotte this upcoming May. I was just wondering how he’s doing because I haven’t seen a single thing after he checked in.

Edit because I’ve seen a couple of the same type of comments: I only asked this question because I’m a casual fan who was concerned. I’m not trying to pry into James’s life or anything of the sort. If there had been an update, I probably wouldn’t have seen it because I’m behind on news like that, so I figured I’d ask here. I’m sorry that this question made some of you angry, that wasn’t my intention. Anyways, for all the people who celebrate whatever they prefer, happy holidays. For the people who don’t celebrate, I hope you have a good rest of the year.”

Strangebrewfellows responded, “There’s been no news. Hopefully he’s well enough to tour next year, but other than announcing the scheduled shows (which means they’re optimistic he’ll be back by then), we don’t know anything.”

BlessMyDarlingHeart chimed in, “My first concert was Metallica in 2000 at the Rockingham Dragway. The Summer Sanitarium Tour with Kid Rock, Korn, and SOAD. I was thirteen and went with my older sister and her now-husband… It was the greatest day of my entire adolescence, which is saying a lot because I did a lot of cool shit growing up! But there is just something about that show that made me… ‘me.’ Anyway…lol.

You went last year, eh? How was it from your perspective? I hear both good and bad things. Who was it that got their set trashed by the storm and put the video online? I forget.” Jason Newsted being disrespected at a record store was just revealed.