U2 Member ‘Spends Night’ With A-List Female Singer


U2 guitarist The Edge and Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher had some fun partying with a young group, according to Gallagher in a new BBC radio interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. A U2 fan revealed what Bono did to her at a bar.

“So we were in Australia with U2 and I’ve never heard of this band Confidence Man, and one of them said, ‘Have you heard of this band Confidence Man?’ And I said, ‘No.’And they showed me some stuff on YouTube, and it’s far out. So we were out one night after one of the gigs and we bump into them.”

Noel then discussed partying with the band in the studio and having dinner, and they drank quite a bit of tequila and had a ‘rowdy’ night with the young woman and man.

“It turns out it’s a brother and sister combo, and the brother is the brains, and the sister is the singer. We spent the night out with them, and they’re great, lovely kids. So the next night they say, ‘Do you want to come round to ours and we’ll cook you dinner?’ So me and The Edge went round, right. They show us their studio, they’re playing us the tunes, and tequila is taken and it’s getting a bit rowdy and there’s dancing.”

Below are photos of the beautiful female singer, and one of her giving Noel a kiss on the cheek! Bono recently reacted to a U2 fan throwing a bottle at him.