Paul McCartney Angers Son In Emotional Photo


Paul McCartney‘s Instagram page posted this adorably retro photography of Sir Paul looking gleefully as he poses on an old-fashioned bicycle in the Scottish countryside. “Ooh, when I saw my son standing there” – The official Instagram account for legendary former vocalist of The Beatles, uploaded the photo just a couple of days ago. Paul McCartney confirmed this massive The Beatles reunion a couple of days ago.

Meanwhile, his son, a toddler-aged James McCartney looks on in baby-like anger for the photographer. Someone was in a foul mood that day! You can view the photo below. John Lennon revealed who Paul McCartney ripped off.

In a new topic of The Beatles subreddit, user KDoggIsBack voiced his displeasure with the stereo mix version of The Beatles’ classic 1967 album “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Clubs Band”.

The user states: “I had always liked Sgt. Pepper’s, however, I thought it was really overrated, and couldn’t possibly fathom why people rank it so highly. To me, Abbey Road, White Album, even Magical Mystery Tour were all much better to my ears. But now I finally understand the hype. I just listened to the original mono/2017 remix, and wow. It’s like I was listening to a completely different album.

If you have only listened to the stereo remasters (or the original stereo), please go give the mono or 2017 remix a listen! Basically, if you don’t know, the actual Beatles were only involved in the mono mixing, and the stereo version was pretty much slapped together by George Martin in a few days. The differences are incredible between the two.

A few comparisons to show just how different the mixes are:

“Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds: Original Stereo Original Mono 2017 Remix” [as well as] “She’s Leaving Home: Original Stereo Original Mono 2017 Remix”

Crazy, right?

I respect George Martin, but I have no idea what he was doing when he did this stereo mix. She’s Leaving Home is using an incorrect speed altogether in the original stereo mix.

TL;DR, It’s not just that the mixing is poor (although I’d argue it is) but some of the sounds are completely different from what the Beatles created in the stereo mix. (They were only involved with the mono mix) So give the original mono if you want the most accurate depiction of what they intended for the music, and listen to the 2017 remix if you want a modernized take on that. (I’m partial to the new mix)” This brutal Paul McCartney rejection about Elton John was recently revealed.