Gene Simmons Reveals Sad ‘Coughing’ Illness Video


KISS icon Gene Simmons has uploaded a new video of himself in his memorabilia room, and what appears to be his wife terribly coughing in the background is heard. Ace Frehley revealed if Gene Simmons has ever used drugs a few days ago.

KISS fans on recently revealed why Gene Simmons is the best part of Unmasked, while some believed it was Paul Stanley.

Red_Walrus said, “Just listened to Unmasked and to me Genes’ songs still hold up and I’m finding myself liking them more than Ace and Pauls contributions. Tomorrow is right up there ( I have to deduct points for Shandi, as a lead single it almost killed the band) but overall I put Gene as the MVP on Unmasked….what say you?”

A KISS icon claimed that Gene Simmons is lying about retirement a few days ago. I Am A Freak posted, “I love Unmasked a lot, Paul’s songs are the best for me. About Gene Naked City and She’s So European are my fave. About Ace, except for Talk to me, the rest of Ace are my least songs.”

VinniestKulick wrote, “Depends on what your base-line is… Paul probably has the most consistent material on the album… but was it a surprise that he was so dominant? No. The better question might be… whom contributes the most, through out? As much as I love Naked City (and think it’s one of Gene’s best songs and vocals, ever!) does anyone even think Gene is playing on a majority of the songs?

Whereas Paul’s back-up singing (on things like She’s So European, and You’re All That I Want) and Ace’s economic but highly punctual leads throughout are pretty awesome (e.g. Naked (sorry Bob) City.

It’s like a tie between the two Pauls…Paul probably has the most 4 to 5 star songs… and Tomorrow is easily one of his best ever, but I tend to think Talk to Me-hee is the standout gem that rises above the stylistic issues (for ROCK fans) on the album…I mean, line-up aside, which song would fit their set list these days? I’d be thrilled with many, but I think Talk to Me stands alone. Back to the question? advantage Paul Stanley.

Biggest mistake, by the label, though? Leading with Shandi…. either go with Easy As It Seems (to follow up in the IWMFLY vein) or Talk To Me to play to the power pop fans of the day (not to mention, a follow up, of sorts, to NYG).” Gene Simmons revealed how Paul Stanley ‘lost his voice’ last week.