KISS Icon Gene Simmons Drops Original Lineup Reunion Bombshell


Gene Simmons congratulated Tom Morello and the original lineup of Rage Against the Machine for their slot on the Coachella 2020 lineup. “rock n roll. @tmorello @coachella”, the rocker tweeted. Gene Simmons announces new singer on KISS 2020 tour.

In other Kiss topics, fans recently took to social media to reflect and look back on one of Paul Stanley and KISS’ most popular albums – Love Gun. Paul Stanley made a ‘small size’ revelation earlier this week in a photo.

One fan noted: “I always have loved this LP. So cool to hear it remastered, brighter, drums more up in the mix… fantastic job. I would have loved to hear more full-band takes or run troughs as opposed to some of the extra’s they included here. They have so much stuff I just think they could have provided the fan with a better selection. All in all is really cool and the presentation of it all is very good quality as you would expect from KISS. Very pleased. I hope they do the same thing with Dynasty.” Gene Simmons recently revealed if Paul Stanley is ‘past his prime.’

Fans also discussed the classic record ‘Dynasty.’

One fan stated: “I was fourteen when I rushed to the record store and got this when it first came out. I admit at first I was disappointed. As a kid who proudly wore my disco sucks t-shirt I couldn’t believe that KISS actually did a song like I Was Made For Loving You. My heroes did a disco sounding song! Oh no! What a lot of us kids back then never realized was that while we were wearing our disco sucks shirts many of our favorite rock stars were actually hanging out at the discos.”

As the user stated: “Gene says they’ve seen lots of bands who didn’t know when to stop – bands that should have retired a long time ago. Whereas Kiss will go out in their prime with EOTR [End of the Road], according to him!