Gene Simmons Leaks Embarrassing Daughter Backstage Video


Gene Simmons daughter, the multi-talented Sophie Simmons was doing some multi-tasking while accompanying her dad during a stopover in Toyko, Japan. The classic Kiss rocker took to social media via Twitter to write: “At Tokyo Dome Stadium, Backstage, Sophie is editing and working on one her new songs, while I try to grab a quick bite before going on stage.” We can’t wait to see the new material Sophie and surely believe that you will crack the top of the charts in no-time.  This ‘bad’ photo of Gene Simmons’ daughter leaked not too long ago: ‘I don’t look good’.

Meanwhile, in news revolving Sophie’s ‘demon’ dad, Gene Simmons, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon one of the group’s most landmark albums in Destroyer: Resurrected.

Gene Simmons’ wife ‘moving’ revealed in new photo. One fan said: “Kiss made some okay albums throughout the ’70s into the ’80s! For me, it’s the KISS-Kiss album and Kiss-Hotter Than Hell album… Kiss Destroyer is a great album! The production is over the top! Bob Ezrin is a genius! Just about everything he touches turns to gold! Alice Cooper ruled in 1971 with Killer and Love It To Death! Bob Ezrin was the genius who put Alice and the band there! Kiss! had a massive hit with Destroyer! I had been listening to KISS since the 5th grade in the mid-seventies! When Destroyer came out it seemed like everyone all of the sudden was a Kiss fan! Crazy!”

Gene Simmons was recently spotted with this young A-List actress. While another fan put: “So, this is the third Coda Publishing live broadcast albums I have purchased. The other two were AC/DC. I am not sure what the issue is with Coda Publishing, but those 2 both had issues with the B-sides pressed off-center. The first one was not enough to affect the playback but the second one was. On THIS particular pressing..the A-side was spot on center but again the B-side was a tiny bit off-center. Again, it did NOT affect the playback. It seems to be a recurring theme with Coda. But, regardless..this pressing was loud and great to listen to!”