Gene Simmons Painful Hospital Video Revealed


KISS icon Gene Simmons and his family visited children at a hospital today as part of the Mending Kids charity organization. Simmons recently hit back at a rumored wig photo.

“Today, Shannon, Nick, yours truly and the wonderful volunteer staff & Doctors from (link: http://MendingKids.Org) MendingKids.Org, who performed free operations on children in need.”

Simmons’ wife Shannon tweeted a video, writing, “Hanging with the #mendingkids volunteers today! ⁦@mendingkids.”

Simmons recently stunned fans with a Slash remark. The Mending Kids official website states, “Mending Kids provides free life-saving surgical care to sick children worldwide by deploying volunteer medical teams and educating communities to become medically self-sustaining. Our volunteer medical teams donate their time and services ​to care for children while educating local medical staff.”

“The vibrant and significant history of Mending Kids International began with our founder and devoted full-time volunteer Cris Embleton almost 30 years ago. After the tragic passing of Cris’ adopted daughter just prior to her first birthday, when $5 worth of medicine would have saved her life, Cris set out to make certain children around the world had access to life-saving surgeries and medical care.

By building relationships with local hospitals in Southern California and third world physicians, Cris was able to bring children to the United States for surgery and provide treatment to others through annual medical missions abroad. She formed her own international non-profit organization, Healing the Children – which is now running in 14 states!

In order to expand the mission in California, Cris and her local Board of Directors broke away in 2005 to form Mending Kids International. Cris will always be such a special part of our daily mission to help children around the world receive transformational surgeries to live normal and fun childhoods!” Gene Simmons was recently devastated by a big name death.