Gene Simmons Reveals Daughter Tub Photo


KISS icon Gene Simmons has tweeted a link to an article that features a picture in the article of Sophie in a hot tub. Sophie Simmons recently took a leather pants photo.

Simmons also tweeted a military video from CNN, “God Bless our Military.”

The CNN video said, “US Navy Senior Chief Michael Forjan is home on leave from Iraq, where he has been serving since April 2019, and he decided to make his arrival special by surprising his kids at three different Florida schools in one day.”

He also promoted upcoming speaking engagements, “LA and 3 Canadian Speaking Events…Be there to learn how you can increase your bottom line by having the right thing, at the right place & at the right time. I taught 6th grade, but school didn’t prepare me or you for life. I’ll jump into the audience & I’ll show you how!”

He also discussed the importance of home life, “Home is where the heart is. Apparently it’s also the home of grapes, avocado, passionfruit, grapefruit, tangerine, oranges, apple, kumquat, and of course persimmons. All in our little house.” Simmons has a beautiful family, featuring daughter Sophie, wife Shannon, and son Nick. Gene Simmons’ daughter recently leaked a Brad Pitt video.

Simmons’ pinned tweet says, “Thank you to everyone who made the Vault experience such a huge success in 2018! This year, I’m launching the Vault Experience 2019, giving you TWO ways to get the ultimate box set! Find out more information below and at” Gene Simmons’ daughter was filmed squatting in pajamas.