Kurt Cobain Widow Makes Sick Paul McCartney Claim


Courtney Love gave a lovely happy birthday message to the daughter of iconic Beatles Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney. McCartney who was born on September 13th, 1971 is a firm supporter of animal rights and is particularly known for her use of vegetarian and animal-free alternatives in her work. Courtney Love shared the following message on social media via Instagram and in turn made a comment about McCartney’s various product lines. Courtney Love revealed if she gave Kurt Cobain drugs recently.

Love said, “Happy birthday @stellamccartney thank you for waiting patiently for the rest of us to get sick of ‘luxury marketing’ and realize you’ve been right all along. Your mom and dad were right all along -, it’s unsustainable to the heart of the world. the world just needed to catch up to you Thank you for not being judgy too much while we do .. 👑your values and ethics shine. . 🦅I love you . ❤️”

Ringo Starr was recently spotted with Paul McCartney’s daughter. Fans reacted by posting the following on Love’s Instagram to the news:

tarabaxagocsy said, “@courtneylove but you’re there now and making a difference ❤️ there are so many cruelty free ways to be healthy and beautiful. The choices are abundant. Your heart will be full knowing no one has to suffer for your existence. You are an incredible being, Courtney.” charlie_stearman wrote, “Nothing beats a picture like this – two beautiful, intelligent and successful women with so much talent x.”

gangstavegan chimed in, “🙌 I love her family. Veganism. Fashion wearing no one elses skin. Pretty horrendous & sickening to see famous people strutting around in fur. Hopefully someone will be wearing them one day.” Courtney Love recently made a disturbing Kurt Cobain murder claim.