Green Day Singer Weird Bedroom Video Revealed


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has posted a new video in bed, and it was a hint at a new Green Day single. Armstrong wrote, “#foamf I woke up to a message of love.” Billie Joe Armstrong was recently photographed kissing a surprising bandmate. Green Day will release their new album Father of All.. on February 7, 2020.

IHadThaTUsername recently posted on Reddit, correctly predicting Tuesday’s new album announcement, “Green Day’s upcoming single might be called “Father Of All Motherf**kers. Billie recently posted on Instagram using the hashtag #foamf and then quickly deleted the post. At first this seemed like a misspelling of #foam (more about that hashtag here), but some insiders at GDC confirmed that it wasn’t a typo, hinting that “M” was really just “one word”. This obviously meant that the final letter stands for motherf**ker/motherf**kers, so some people started guessing what the acronym meant.” Billie Joe Armstrong recently revealed a bizarre new hairstyle.

The Reddit user added, “Someone guessed ‘Father Of All Motherf**kers’ and a person who supposedly knew the meaning confirmed it. This doesn’t really sound like an album name, so it’s likely that it’s the name of the first single that is rumoured to be coming out in about a week (10th September being the strongest guess).

Even if that’s not what it meant, this is still pretty big news as now Billie himself is starting to hype the hashtag, further confirming that something is happening.”

Green Day last released Revolution Radio in 2016, and many speculate that there could be political themes on a new album based on the band’s 2004 American Idiot record. Green Day’s singer called out a shooting ‘cancer’ recently.