Gene Simmons Wanted To ‘Shave’ Rock Icon


In a recent interview with The Metal Voice, Gene Simmons, KISS bassist was the subject of conversation by band legend Bob Kulick as Kulick revealed how he wanted to shave the mustache of former KISS member, Bruce Kulick, which Gene Simmons praised.

Bob Kulick told the outlet: “As I told Meatloaf back in the day when we auditioned my brother and I. They wanted me, they knew I had played with Alice Cooper and that I’d had experience, they didn’t think my brother was that great and they told me they had somebody else they wanted to take and have me work with them. I made it clear it’s the Kulick brothers or not at all and I’ve done that for him throughout his career in mine same with KISS. Uh-oh looks like Vinnie Vincent is leaving you should call my brother. Gene said he’s got a mustache, I said he could shave. A year later Paul Stanley calling me while I’m in London with Meatloaf, uh do you have your brother’s number yeah uh we’re thinking about having him come and fill in for Mark St John. Oh really fill in for Mark huh, why don’t you just hire him as I told you, he should be in the band what are you doing? Who got Bruce that gig with KISS, me and the fact that his talent was like mine, somebody who could really play.” This Gene Simmons embarrassing bathroom video was recently revealed.

Gene Simmons’ daughter was recently caught in bed with young models. Continuing he said: “So I’m insulted and hurt that after all that I’ve done for my brother that he’s selling merchandise with my name on it without paying me and not talking to me and then getting a restraining order because he doesn’t want to hear the truth of me calling or texting or emailing him. Hey no matter what we’re brothers the only brother I have there’s nobody left in my family our parents are gone and I dare say if my mom was alive he wouldn’t have dared done anything like this because she would have kicked his ass. My mom took no shit from anybody like me not gonna take s*** from anybody.”

Later he concluded: “People showed their true colors, he’s an ingrate I did everything for him and he never returned the favor all those records that I produced I always made sure that I hired Bruce to play so we could have a good time and we lived those moments when we were kids. And we’d just play out of sheer love just being able to jam and listen to Leslie West play and be shown some of the licks or hidden figuring out something and showing me it was a great time before he was Kissed, before he was blessed with being in this band, blessed I’m not sure I would say blessed any longer. Bruce is still in communication with KISS and still checks with them that is it okay, if I do this that or the other thing and they may call upon him to come in and play a bass on something or whatever it is, it’s I kind of a loose relationship where he feels that there’s still money to be milked from these people and that he’s not gonna miss any of it.” Gene Simmons was shown kicking this dressing room door in a shocking video.