Green Day Respond To Disturbing Breakup Rumor


Green Day members Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt said that despite breakup rumors they’ve heard, the band are sticking together, and they are very happy with their new album Father Of All Motherf**kers. Green Day scrapped a rumored Dookie 25th anniversary tour for a surprising reason.

Tre told Kerrang Magazine, “This definitely feels like a different chapter. We’re fired up and we’re stoked to go out. Until now, we’ve just been fucking lying through our teeth to every single person. ‘So what are you guys doing?’ ‘Uh, you know, nothing…’

Mike sarcastically added, “‘Are you guys still together? Are you going to make a record?’”

Tre said he’s ‘proud’ to talk about what the band are doing as they continue (and will not break up), as he loves their new album. He proudly proclaimed, “We’ve got a record that we’re so proud of and we just want to blast it for everybody.”

Morrissey called out a stupid Green Day decision earlier this week. Green Day are set to release their new album in February 2020, with a North American stadium tour with Weezer and Fall Out Boy to follow. A Billie Joe Armstrong impersonator on Instagram was recently called out by a fan on Reddit. DangerousDoritos wrote, “I’d like to think we all would know the difference but just in case. I’ll post the screenshots when I’m p sure the conversation is over.

I’m playing along to see what they want. I just hope to God they’re not trying to solicit pictures from young fans. Or money. Idk. Be safe y’all EDIT: they have either blocked me or deleted their page. I was playing along to try to find out what they’re trying to get out of it and it wasn’t successful. But yeah. People are sick lmao, nothing new.” A Green Day member made a brutal Prince death remark a couple of weeks ago.