Green Day Cancel ‘Dookie’ Tour For Stunning Reason


Green Day frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong was recently interviewed by Kerrang! Magazine. During the interview, Armstrong revealed why the band abandoned plans for the twenty-fifth anniversary of ‘Dookie’, Green Day’s iconic third studio album. Morrissey recently unloaded on the Green Day’s Billie Jo Armstrong.

“Of course we’re going to fuck with fans over it. The point was just to hang out and play music together – but to hang out first. We got together and jammed and it was noise. We did these long jam sessions we put up lights and video all over the rooms and it was just fun. It felt more like a happening than it did a rehearsal. And I have to say, none of us sounded really good. It was just fun and we were making a mess. And I think, with Green Day, the first thing that comes to mind with making a record is making a mess first.”

In other Green Day news, fans on Reddit of the band were discussing the group’s upcoming studio album entitled, “Father of all Motherfuckers”

Billie Joe Armstrong recently made a bold Prince death remark. I_Am_Catcus posted: “I like the song… on its own. If it wasn’t Green Day, I’d probably listen to and buy it. I like the idea behind all of it – writing on the same arm that was used in American Idiot, the songs being amount humor, depression, and having fun. But… I’m not hooked.

Part of me thinks it could be a troll album. You’ve all heard the theories, and it makes sense. Green Day doesn’t really strike me as the kind of band to sign a deal with a big record label, to put success over the music. It’d make sense if they wanted to fuck Warner over and give them an album no-one expected, and for Warner to get less money from it than they’d hoped.

On the other hand, it kinda makes sense for them to just… breathe. They’ve been political and deep, had their say, and maybe they want to step back from it. I know Billie had a bunch of issues within himself. (Side note: some of that stemmed from wanting to create an album as big as American Idiot.) So maybe he wants to just stop thinking and make music, which I do respect. And it kinda makes sense, what with the side-bands over the years, that they might be interested in trying out some new music altogether.

TLDR; it could be either a troll album, or it could be real. Both sides of this make sense. Personally, I hope it’s a troll album.”

Whereas PinicWithSanta replied: “I’m happy that this band is totally detailing their sound once again because the mainstream political anthemic rock sound really died out for me after 21CB. I haven’t liked an album since, personally, and didn’t expect to like a new Green Day song in 2019. Here we are though, and I am fucking stoked about it.” Billie Joe Armstrong recently reflected on a cocaine and alcohol breakdown he had several years ago.