Green Day Reveal Disgusting Michael Jackson Photo


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has made a hilarious offer to Blink-182 singer/guitarist Matt Skiba after he posted a photo wearing a Michael Jackson mask. Michael Jackson has been in the news again with the HBO ‘Leaving Neverland’ special detailing new sexual misconduct revelations, which Slash recently addressed.

Skiba wrote, “Just got home from my pre @blink182 tour spa-day makeover. Just gotta get Bubbles packed and we’re good to go! Heeee heeeee!”

Armstrong commented, “I’ll be bubbles.”

Matt Skiba also recently wrote on Instagram, “Hitting the pause button over at the art studio for a lil rock tour with @blink182 @liltunechi and @neckdeepuk. My first real solo art show in Los Angeles will be this fall for anyone interested in weird shit and awesome people. And I’ll be there. Details to follow. Bye studio. It’s been surreal-ish.”

Billie Joe Armstrong recently uploaded a rare video to Instagram, “This is a funny bit. Maybe not. The dude on stage next to me is Gabe. Gabe and the girl ( sorry I don’t know who she is) next to me acted out the lyrics to ‘only of you’.. a very sappy song I wrote when I was 16.. they had this little ad lib moment while we played the song.. these are some of my favorite times.

We are always down to mess things up and have fun. Life is a mess. Gabe went on to play bass for Tilt and he’s a great journalist too. 1991 I think? This might even be the day of the Oakland fires right before we went to Europe for the first time. I can tell because I’m wearing shorts which is a rare occurrence. #billiejoescampfire ps I still love playing this song live .. also I could be wrong about all of this.. time dates events blah blah.”