Chris Cornell Eerie Zack de la Rocha Video Revealed


A rare Chris Cornell interview filmed shortly before his death with TMZ has surfaced, and he discussed Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha. At the time, Audioslave had done a reunion performance earlier in 2017, while fans were still hoping for a Rage Against The Machine reunion. Alternative Nation transcribed Cornell’s comments.

Cornell was first asked about Soundgarden’s 30th anniversary, and if the band was getting along.

He said, “We’re very cool. We’re in the middle of writing an album.”

“We’re going out actually in a month just to go out and play, we’ll be out for about 6 weeks.”

TMZ then asked, “When you were the lead singer of Audioslave, were you ever afraid of Zack de la Rocha at all?”

Cornell responded, No, no. I met him a bunch of times, he was good. He was a friend.”

TMZ shot back, “He wasn’t a scary revolutionary guy at all?”

Cornell responded, “Well, he’s a revolutionary guy, but I wouldn’t say scary.”

Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil revealed in a new KLOS interview with Steve Jones that it was suggested that for the screening of Soundgarden’s ‘Live from the Artists Den’ concert film at the Wiltern, that he perform live along with the late Chris Cornell. Thayil was on hand to introduce the film at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, where the performance originally took place in 2013.

Soundgarden’s surviving members reunite with guest singers for a performance at the ‘I Am The Highway’ Chris Cornell tribute show in Los Angeles at the Forum in January. Alternative Nation transcribed Thayil and Jones’ comments. Thayil also discussed Bush and Gavin Rossdale in this interview.