Gene Simmons Daughter Wears Creepy Mask In Video


KISS icon Gene Simmons‘ daughter Sophie Simmons uploaded a video of herself wearing eye masks with very red lipstick. Creepy and beautiful, just like her father! Sophie Simmons revealed an ‘intimate’ photo yesterday.

“Goes to buy sunblock, leaves with red lips and eye masks.”

stickyfinger recently posted about one reason why he’s never been into 80’s KISS on the forums:

Although I’m a life long KISS fan, I’ve always loved the 70s KISS. The 80s stuff has never appealed to me on a musical level. Sure, it has it entertainment value, but I’ve never really dug the music that much.

When it comes to classic rock I’ve always loved the 60s-70s stuff and one of the reasons that I love in the early KISS is that Stonesy-kind of traditional rock swagger when on the other hand the 80s “heavy metal” didn’t really attract me, not even as a kid.

Anyway, I realized that one of the reasons the 80s era KISS is pretty hard for me to dig is the fact that it lacks dynamics. I mean, when you listen to albums from Lick It Up onwards, from the production point of view, everything is pushed max…all the time. And that irritates me a lot especially when it comes to vocals, since on the early stuff Paul & Gene (and Ace & Peter, as much as they sung) at least tried to interpret the songs, but after LIU they seem to go on full force all the time. (Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed a ‘big’ famous man a few days ago)

Of course their technique changed a lot, but still it sounds they try way too much.

I tried to listen Asylum recently and it is really hard since (obviously) Paul has found his acrobatics but Gene is pretty much screaming all the time. Tempos are stupidly fast and everything is just…over the top in a wrong way. Same with Lick it Up and Animalize.

Naturally in that era it wasn’t only KISS who sorta overdid everything, since during that time generally speaking the production value was to everything be as big as possible (no matter what the genre was). But I think KISS really, really suffered from not having a good producer who would actually paid more attention to the vocal delivery and production.

There surely are some good songs in the 80s albums (I think Double Virgos Secretly Cruel is a good example how with more groove and different vibe the song actually works), but lots of stuff is impossible to enjoy since they sound so bad. (Sophie Simmons begged for help in sad photos a few days ago)