Greta Van Fleet Caught Sitting In New Bathroom Photo


Greta Van Fleet recently took time to post this photoshoot picture which comes from a most particular place – the bathroom! A public bathroom, no less. Each member of the group, sans Danny Wagner, can be seen posing broodily in this edgy and avant-garde shot. You can view it below. Dave Grohl just broke his silence on Greta Van Fleet backlash.

In addition fans of the group responded to the photo on the group’s Instagram. wrote: “Jake stole Josh’s shirt and turned it into a scarf, but that’s okay because Josh has ten other shirts just like it.” Whereas another fan, Anglodaisy put: “I hope you didn’t spend all of Thanksgiving Day hiding in the bathroom from overly-affectionate guests.”

More passionate comments came ringing in as Robzaracho responded: “I don’t know who the hell is the photographer of yours, but I gotta say I love all of these pics of yours. This is absolutely great photography. While Gretavanlaugh chimed in by saying: ‘OK, now I need to tell something. They’re all looking good. Now, look at josh. He’s sitting on the sink, more like in the sink! I bet his booty is wet now.”

Greta Van Fleet recently reacted to this stunning Led Zeppelin comeback. In other news regarding Greta Van Fleet, fans of the popular rock group took to social media to reflect on the band’s landmark debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army.

As one fan noted: “Music Critics/Journalists” are the least qualified to determine what’s good and what ‘s not. They are individuals who (unlike you and I), who get paid for their opinions, so their purpose is benign at best. Greta Van Fleet is an amazing and gifted rock and roll band. And no, I don’t mind if they evoke the sound of older bands that I love. So what if they sound a bit like Zeppelin or Rush…that’s a big plus! It reminds me of when I started as a Beatles fan, then became fond of ELO because they had Beatle-esque elements in their music. The press unfairly ripped into them, but the people who bought all their albums and singles disagreed by millions for over a decade.

Greta Van Fleet were accused of ‘fake’ vocals by a rock icon last week. The reviewer continued: “If you love bands that evoke the sound of Rush, Led Zeppelin and other great classic bands (with exceptional originality), then GVF is for you! Incredible musicians, and a supremely gifted vocalist. Greta Van Fleet is no gimmick..they are the real deal, and I know they will continue to succeed on their own merits. Great job guys!”