Greta Van Fleet Destroy Hotel Room In Awful Photo


Greta Van Fleet destroyed a hotel room (or apartment) in a hilarious photo they likely had set up. Drummer Danny Wagner even liked the photo on Instagram. Greta Van Fleet revealed if they need to go on hiatus yesterday.

While many have compared Greta Van Fleet to Led Zeppelin, similarities to Rush were recently discussed by fans. nic0lk posted on Reddit, “The first time I heard Highway Tune, I didn’t know which band it was by so I thought it was a Led Zeppelin song that I had never heard before. So the Led Zeppelin influence is obvious.

But a lot of people say that the band takes just as much if not more influence from Rush, which I never got. I never really cared for Rush that much to be honest, so the similarities are lost on me, but I’m curious.

I mean it’s just a fact that Josh sounds a lot like Plant so it’s easy to find the similarity there. I do know that Josh does not sound anything like the lead singer of rush though, which is why I’m curious as to any particular examples that you might can point out showing their similarities.”

Greta Van Fleet’s singer recently revealed if he’s ready to sing again after health issues. Captain_Dark responded, “Many of GvF’s songs sound a lot like Rush’s first album, which in turn sounds a hell of a lot like LZ, so not so different a comparison. However I also think some more recent songs of GvF’s, namely Age of Man and Brave New World have more of a prog sound that feels a lot more like Rush than Zeppelin.

I also hear some similarity between Danny’s drumming and Neil Peart’s. Danny has cited John Bonham as a big influence on him but in my opinion the drumming is the thing that differs GvF from LZ the most. With LZ the drumming often has a feeling of being at odds with the guitar, see Kashmir and the walkdown of In The Light. With Rush and GvF, the drums feel much tighter and synchronized with the guitar and bass. I hear this most in When the Curtain Falls from GvF, and Spirit of Radio from Rush.

Don’t get me wrong, LZ’s influence on GvF’s sound is very clear, especially in the guitar, but I do hear some similarities to Rush. Just my take on it as a huge fan of all three bands.” A Greta Van Fleet health scare was recently revealed.