Greta Van Fleet Member Goes To Jail In Sad Photo


Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka took a hilarious photo behind bars in what looked like a jail cell on Instagram, despite not actually being arrested. He wrote, “Help! 🆘” Greta Van Fleet revealed what they’re doing with a big payday just yesterday.

gretavanart commented, “Boy you skinny af I know you could just slip through the bars.”

loudelatorre_ commented, “Arrested for being extremely hot.”

gretavanfleet_indo commented, “SEE WHAT’D I TELL YOU? I TOLD U IT WAS ILLEGAL TO BE THAT GORGEOUS SMH @sammy_gvf.”

Sam Kiszka and Danny Wagner discussed growing into their roles with Greta Van Fleet in a Bullet Music interview.

So you’ve grown into it?

Sam: Totally.

Danny: Literally we’ve grown into it. I mean high school wouldn’t have been the same without it. It would’ve been so different.

Sam: It would’ve sucked a lot more. (laughs)

What kind of music were y’all playing in those early days?

Sam: A lot of blues. I remember doing some Black Keys numbers, their album Magic Potion. That’s a great album.

Danny: We never had any specific genres, and that’s the coolest thing about it. That’s why those questions are so hard to answer. It’s like asking someone to say something in Spanish, and they know Spanish. Like what do you say?

Sam: I would say taco or nacho libre. *laughs*

Danny: I’d say no. *laughs*