Howard Stern Calls Out Horrible Greta Van Fleet Ripoff


Howard Stern discussed Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka using ‘dance moves’ from Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant on his show, though he praised the sound of the band. Greta Van Fleet’s beautiful sister recently reacted to a health scare. recapped: Howard said this guy Steve Brandano who works there has tried to turn him on to music and he found a band that he likes. He said it’s called Greta Van Fleet. Howard played one of their songs and said they sound like Led Zeppelin. Howard said he likes their stuff. He said the kid who sings has some Robert Plant moves. He said that they may find their own sound in a few years as Fred was saying. Fred said they’ll find their true voice. Howard said he wishes he could sound this good.

Greta Van Fleet recently revealed if they will go on hiatus. Howard said he likes this Greta Van Fleet. He sang along with their song. He said that he’s kind of digging them a little bit. Howard said they had a song on that show ”Shameless” on Showtime. Howard said he doesn’t watch that show.

After the break they played Big Country’s ”In a Big Country” as they were coming back. Howard came back and asked what happened to these guys. Fred said they’re on tour but not with the original lead singer. Howard asked how you do a tour with just one hit song. Fred said they may have more than one.

They also played James Brown’s ”I Got You (I Feel Good)” as they were coming back. Howard sang along with that a little bit. He said he loves James Brown. He said he was one of the best guests they ever had on the show. He said Robin was in love with him too. Howard Stern revealed a Paul McCartney hotel room demand last week.