Van Halen Daughter Reveals Back In Jeans Photo


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar’s daughter Kama recently posted backside photos while on vacation, including in Hawaii. Sammy Hagar leaked a painful Eddie Van Halen video last week.

Kama wrote, “This was my favorite place on O’ahu. Ho’omaluhia means “to raise peace/ease” in Hawaiian. Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens almost made me feel like I was back at Mu (our old Maui home). Just posted a blog with all my other favorite stops on the island. Check out the link in my bio 🌺💫🌺.”

She also said, “On Big Island, the nights brought every single star in the sky to life. I had never ever seen so many twinkling, glittery planets and satellites before. The Milky Way spread itself across the darkness above us as the toads began to croak and purr. With the light of the day dimmed, the soft smell of plumeria, fresh laua’e ferns, and ocean air seemed to intensify alongside the night sounds.

During a new moon, I stepped outside into the blackness to envelop myself in the senses. Lifting my face to the solar system, I felt a light drizzle of rain on my skin. As the palms rustled and the celestial bodies shimmered, I felt a warmer droplet roll down my cheek. Big Island felt like a hot stone (pohaku) massage – a little intense, but deeply, relaxingly grounding and hypnotic.”

She said about staying sane, “Here are 5 things that help me stay sane: 1. Laughter 2. Yoga with @alo.moves or @adrienelouise 3. Meditation 4. Breathwork with @mysoulsanity 5. Reggae music (@realcolliebuddz & @tribalseeds 🙌🏼) As a passionate being, and a sensitive soul, I really do get out of whack.

Yes, I’m a wellness practitioner, but I’m a human too, for crying out loud. I take on my own emotions everyday (as we all do), run two businesses, work for a nonprofit, and listen to peoples’ touching and sometimes intense stories day in and day out.” Eddie Van Halen’s bandmate leaked a passing out photo a few days ago.