Keith Richards ‘Dumping’ Surprising Girlfriend Revealed


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ fairytale romance with his lovely wife Patti Hansen is well known, but Keith had another mysterious longterm girlfriend he broke up with before he started dating Patti, according to Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Jo Wood in a new Daily Mail piece. Keith getting ‘kicked out’ by a The Rolling Stones bandmate was just revealed.

“I remember the first thing he wanted to do after getting clean was meet a girl. He’d never shown any interest before, but now he suddenly asked me if I had any mates I could introduce him to. I knew someone called Lil, who was doing some modelling in New York, so I called her and invited her up.

She was keen on meeting him, so Keith hired a chopper and just flew me to New York to pick her up – that was just the way things were. They got on like a house on fire and went out with each other for a couple of years.”

She later wrote, “Patti Hansen came along in the early Eighties and she and I bonded straight away. Keith told us he was seeing someone new and we went to meet her one night after a session in the studio. She opened the door to her apartment wearing only men’s pyjama trousers and jumped into Keith’s arms with a big grin on her face. I thought, ‘This girl is cool,’ and she looked so beautiful. It’s funny how certain moments in your life can stick in your head like a photograph.”

Keith Richards ‘begging’ for an older woman to do drugs was recently detailed. Taylor1 posted on about an interesting The Rolling Stones producer hypothetical, “I wonder how Satanic Majesties would have turned out if George Martin had produced it.He added polish and complexity to the Beatles music,one can hear the difference between Abbey Road and Let it Be. I don’t think he would have helped on the later blues rock albums, but on Majesties I wonder what it would have sounded like.”

Rocky Dijon responded, “You’d have to start with what if EMI had signed the Stones. To me, the suggestion has far too many ramifications. They wouldn’t be the same band.” TomcasGranda wrote, “George Martin and the Stones wouldn’t have been a good mix. Better that Martin produced The Beatles, Jeff Beck, and the second iteration of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Funnily enough, I prefer his production on the Jeff Beck albums as to The Beatles.”

Jlow concluded, “Actually The Beatles drug use and troubles with the law were arguably no worse than The Stones. On top of that relations between the Fab4 were not great whereas except for the Brian situation the Stones camp was relatively on an even keel.”

You can read the full Jo Wood piece at The Daily Mail.