Greta Van Fleet Singer Shows Off Abs In Beach Photo


Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka and guitarist Jake Kiszka were photographed looking great at the beach. They wrote on social media, “‘Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson.” Greta Van Fleet revealed what an elderly woman did to a surprising member of the band a few days ago.

The quality of Greta Van Fleet and their music was recently debated on SteveHoffman.TV.

Efus said, “Obviously these boys aren’t re-inventing the wheel here, but it is amusing somewhat, (and a bit pathetic frankly) to see older music fans work themselves into such a state while criticizing something they see as having little value.

The men don’t know…but the little girls understand.

And not for nothing, but weren’t a lot of the debut albums from the classic rock giants kind of considered derivative, and widely panned as leadened, uninspired ripoffs of vastly more talented musicians/singers that had done it better before them?

I seem to remember reading a lot of things like that.”

Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka flirted with a tall blonde in a new video. Spencer R. responded, “I see your point, and Led Zeppelin’s debut album was derivative in many ways, and drew similar reactions in its day. Rolling Stone pointed out the obvious debt Zeppelin One owed to the Jeff Beck Group, Cream, Albert King, etc.

However, it seems to me that rock has hit a point that jazz hit sometime around Bitches Brew, where the possibilities of the genre have been so thoroughly explored that artists are left with two options: to push forward into ever-more abstract experimental directions that most ordinary listeners don’t want to listen to, or to pick a favorite era from the past history of the music and re-create that.

I hear all of the obvious debts Led Zeppelin owe to other musicians, but also hear the new things that they brought to the table. Listening to Greta Van Fleet, which the Pitchfork review inspired me to do, I hear a karaoke band. Maybe not a Led Zeppelin karaoke band in particular, but a 70s hard rock karaoke band in general. That’s probably not fair to Greta Van Fleet, but it’s what I hear. If some kids today still want to rock out and make music on guitars, I think that that’s basically a good thing. Maybe the fault is more with me that I’ve heard it all before. If young audiences dig this, more power to them.” Greta Van Fleet were called ‘cowards’ last week by a big name after revealing their new album producer.