Greta Van Fleet Sister Breaks Silence On ‘Sickness’


A Greta Van Fleet fan account shared a comment from a few weeks ago that is allegedly from Ronnie Kiszka, the sister of the Kiszka brothers, in response to fans’ concern about Josh Kiszka’s health after Greta Van Fleet were forced to cancel a few performances on their fall 2019 tour. Josh reportedly had a very bad case of the flu, and was unable to perform.

A Sam Kiszka fan account first wrote, “This is irresponsible. We don’t need an apology, if anyone needs anything the boys need a break. Their health and happiness comes first, we don’t care how long that takes. Seeing the management take advantage of these sweet boys is heartbreaking.”

A hilarious Greta Van Fleet hotel room destruction photo was revealed yesterday. The fan continued, “They are not a machine, they are human beings. My heart also goes out to any fan who has lost money, time, and sleep just to be cancelled on or turned away. And to the management – The boys are exhausted, we are begging you to please treat them like human beings, give them time to heal. The boys should not have to feel bad or apologize for self-care. This is unfair to everyone.”

Ronnie Kiszka then responded, “At first I thought you were bashing the boys, and I was about to raise hell, but you’re absolutely right! They need a break to sleep or just recuperate after the long haul of countless back-to-back tours, and I’m so glad you all feel the same way!! Keep on keeping’ on babies.”