Van Halen Icon Allegedly ‘Stabbed In Back’ By Bandmate


Former Van Halen frontman has shared the final photo of the ‘Van Hagar’ lineup from their original run in 1996. Hagar is seen alongside Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, and Michael Anthony. A fan commented that Eddie and Alex ‘stabbed’ Sammy and Michael in the back. Eddie Van Halen’s wife made a quitting revelation yesterday.

Sammy Hagar wrote, “#ThrowbackThursday baby! This was the 1996 premiere for the movie Twister which included the VH song “Humans Being.” Left to right: Eddie, Valerie, two-month-old Kama, Kari, Yours Truly, Sue Anthony, Mikey (@madanthonyscafe), and Alex. #TBT

joekidcool commented, “People say watch your back. You might get stabbed. Looking at this picture tells me…Sammy, look left & right!!! Bookends brothers might get you. Mikeys got your back!” Hagar responded, “@joekidcool 😂😂😂.”

A Van Halen icon revealed who is ‘highest paid’ a couple of days ago. maysball said, “I would love to hear one more record and one tour from this band. But will live on knowing this was as good a band as I have ever seen or heard. Love The Circle, Chicken Foot and the Wabo’s. Keep Rockin’ 🤘🏼”

Hagar responded, “Thank you.” davey28car told Hagar, “I miss you 4 together sir!!! Yalls music got me through some hard times when I was younger. I would be depressed or something and just jump in my Ford Ranger and pop in a Van Hagar cassette and let the worries be damned. Riding up the road blaring out PoundCake, Seventh Seal or Right Now and instantly feel like I was apart of the band. I play drums so I saw myself playing with y’all LOL!!! I appreciate and am forever grateful to you Mikey and the boys for that music. Words can’t express my gratitude!! Love y’all!!!”

mad42la chimed in, “Knowing the chain of events to follow this picture is somewhat sad for me. That being said, can’t thank you and Mike enough for continuing to put out new music and tours and keeping the party going. 🔥🤘” A Van Halen icon described a horrible shooting earlier this week.