Slash Wife Reveals ‘Deadly’ Guns N’ Roses Health Scare


Perla Ferrar, the ex-wife of Slash and a legend in the Guns N’ Roses community, has revealed that ‘lethal killers’ were put inside of her when she got breast implants. Slash revealed he has a ‘break’ with Guns N’ Roses coming up soon.

She wrote on social media, “I want to share a very personal situation I’m going through with you all. In 2010 i had my natural DD breast removed and got implants. I was clueless! I thought they would be perkier and nicer. I was totally wrong. My natural breasts not only looked better but I believe the silicone implants have been making me sick.

From rashes, to memory loss, to so much inflammation in my body I’ve been toxic. Check out this rash in my video. I’ll share more over the next few weeks. Please DM me your stories, questions or any knowledge you have on breast implant illness. Love you all! P.”

Slash revealed when he went broke in a new interview. Perla added, “This is straight from the FDA website. How can it be, that my dr put these lethal killers in me and didn’t have the decency to tell me they were recalled? Or better yet, why isn’t the entire medical industry making an effort to inform us?

Did the research, And we contacted @allergan today and they will be refunding me $3500.00 towards my explant surgery and offered a new set of implants. I have to say, I’m happy they are assuming responsibility #bii #breastimplantillness #allergan.”

Slash and Perla went through an ugly divorce, which was finally recently finalized around the time of Guns N’ Roses reunion. AC/DC singer Brian Johnson recently called out a horrible Guns N’ Roses performance.