Tool Rumored 2020 Album Revealed By 90’s Icon


Tool Undertow producer Sylvia Massy has posted a new video with Ænima producer David Bottrill, who also worked with Silverchair on their highly acclaimed 2000’s albums. Massy wrote, “Two producers in one room… what could they possibly have to talk about??? #toolveterans #davidbottrill #lateralus #undertow.” A Tool member confirmed a Fear Inoculum sequel a few days ago. Fans are speculating that this could be for reissue albums in 2020.

Supes0_0 posted, “Nope. Not gonna speculate and hope for a new Tool album with Botrill and Massy involved. Not gonna do it.”

Golisten2 said, “Bottrill’s mixing on Aenima is legendary.” Pinata89a responded, “Agreed. Everything is so damn clean.”

Golisten2 chimed in, “It’s the Euro influence. He uses mid side techniques that create wide stereo images and a very defined phantom center channel. It makes certain things more emphatic like when the guitars come in on Eulogy.”

LawrenceBuxter wrote, “Yeah, it’s the vinyl reissues/remasters. Adam said the production teams on each album were going to be involved in reissues. Source is Steve Hoffman Forums under Tool Vinyl Reissue thread. Adam posted on there for a bit before they started recording on FI.”

Maynard James Keenan hilariously stole from a Tool bandmate onstage a few days ago. Sam1405 said, “It’s going to be a box set re-release of the whole back catalogue, remastered on Blu-ray disc and vinyl with HD footage of music videos and live performances and unreleased b-sides with an artbook. Bet the house on it.”

Johnnyoz posted, “Undertow sounds amazing. Massey and Botrill both own Baresi.” Supes0_0 said, “Really like FI but its production is one of the worst alongside 10K Days.”

Sonoflife85 wrote, “10k is produced just fine. It’s the mastering that ruined it. FI sounds so smooth and natural. Everything breathes and finally I can hear what Danny’s toms are tuned to.”

Supes0_0 chimed in, “Yeah, I meant the mastering on 10k Days but technically wouldn’t that count in the overall production? Geniunely asking. And I think Lateralus sounds like what you described but just better…oh and there’s no clipping either so that helps.” A Tool member revealed a new album ‘disappointment’ last week.