Guns N’ Roses Rumored To Release Surprise EP


There has been talk of a new Guns N’ Roses album recently, and a new rumor is suggesting that the first new released from the reunited band could be an EP.

rocknroll41 said on MyGNR, “I’m surprised nobody is talking more about the fact that the Planetrock UK radio DJ specifically stated that the upcoming release from GnR would be an EP, rather than a full album.

That’s very telling to me! I think the band feels too pressured to release a full album, since it would have to live up to the hype of being ‘the first full-length album of original material from Axl & Slash since 1991.’ I bet the label also told the band that, if they put out a full album, they would have to do the usual round of band photos, press junkets, interviews, music videos, etc (and we ALL know GnR ain’t into that shit these days).

If that rumor turns out to be true, I bet it’ll be a ‘hefty’ EP of like seven or eight songs that are all pretty long. Either that or they’ll do a GnR Lies 2.0 of like four live songs and four new songs, or four covers and four legit songs. Something like that…

Hell, for all we know, maybe it’ll be the first in a series of EPs. Maybe Axl is finally open to releasing new music in a way that breaks the traditional album mold… I’m deluding myself, aren’t I?”

Unheard new Guns N’ Roses material was recently leaked to someone, though he has kept most of the songs to himself. Former Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe discussed opening for Guns N’ Roses in 2017 in a new Kaaos TV interview. “We’re old friends. Slash and Duff [McKagan], we did a… There’s a documentary in the making of me, which won’t be finished for a while yet, but they were kind enough to do an interview — both did separate interviews backstage for the documentary — and they’re sweet guys. They never changed. Slash and Duff, for example, they’ve got such great character and they’re such sweethearts, and they’ve only gotten nicer over the years. And they never changed — heart of gold and really down to earth. I appreciate that in people.

To me, the important thing in the whole career was no matter how famous or rich I could become, if I turn into an asshole in the process and I lost my soul, then none of the money or fame would be worth it; I would have screwed up,” he continued. “That was the first and most important thing. My integrity has to be intact before anything else. Doing things on my own terms, my own way — not compromising for the wrong reasons. That was more important.”