Howard Stern Makes Aerosmith Breakup Announcement


Howard Stern recently discussed Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer suing his bandmates, and Howard suggested that it might be time for him to split from the band. Steven Tyler just ‘refused’ an Aerosmith tour idea. recapped: After the break they played a Meat Puppets ”Lake of Fire” as they were coming back. Howard said he knows they interviewed them a long time ago. He said he always liked this song. He sang along with that for a short time.

Howard said there’s a story about Joey Kramer suing Aerosmith. He said he got in an accident and had to leave the band and he wasn’t allowed to come back. He said they made him audition to get back into the band. Robin said they didn’t like the audition and didn’t let him back in. Robin said now he’s suing. Howard said he loves Joey but if they don’t want to play with you then let it go maybe. Robin said they told him he didn’t have enough energy. Howard said you do have to have energy.

Howard said it sounds like a bummer of a situation. Robin said she feels for everyone in the band. She said that if he hadn’t had this mishap he might not be having this problem. He said if you pick an instrument just don’t pick the drums. Robin said that’s unless you’re Dave Grohl because he can play many instruments. Steven Tyler ‘kicking out’ a big name Aerosmith bandmate was just revealed.