Liam Gallagher Insults Queens of the Stone Age Member


Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher brutally insulted former Queens of the Stone Age singer Mark Lanegan during his time with the Screaming Trees, calling the Trees “Howling Branches” which led Lanegan to respond: “F**k off, you stupid idiot.” The story comes from Lanegan’s new memoir.

This led to a verbal altercation with Lanegan then challenging Gallagher to a fight in Miami.
The Oasis tour was called off, with Langean claiming, “I detested bullies and refused to put up with them. Liam Gallagher was an obvious poser, a playground bully. Like all bullies, he was also a total pussy.”

“He had quit and bailed before I could have a go at him before his promised playground battle royale in Miami. ‘Typical,’ I thought.”

“That phoney motherf**er had pissed his pants and gone home to mama before I had a chance to blow this whole thing up myself.”

Liam Gallagher has now shot back on Twitter in response to Lanegan’s book. Gallagher tweeted, “I asked you your band’s name, I was f***ing around and called it something else.

“You being an uptight junkie and not having a sense of humour got your little grungy knickers in a twist another bull******* trying to sell a book LG x [sic]”