Slipknot Member Stunned By Disgusting Corey Taylor Insult


Slipknot guitarist Jim Root recently posted a photo with bandmate Jay Weinberg and his father Max Weinberg on social media, and captioned it with, “Deja vu… or is it Vu Jadé? Either way, I feel like I’ve been here before. Always surrounded by drummers 🙌🏻” Corey Taylor ripped new Slipknot member stupidity yesterday.

A fan named chi_chi_bop then took a brutal shot at Corey Taylor in a comment. She wrote, “Damn Corey is so short I forget and then see something like this.” Root responded, “That’s Jay.”

Jay Weinberg discussed finding his place in Slipknot with so many different members in a new Outside the 9 interview. A Slipknot member covered his face in a new unmasked photo.

“It’s really about just being true to how I feel. I am within the context of a band that’s been around for much longer than me. The band started when I was five years old, so coming into a band that has a long lineage and history, it’s really important for me to just bring my own thing, not try to channel something that the band was or something that I would try to imitate in a way, but just to always be pushing forward.

I think that is what kind of turned the key to let this happen and let it feel really organic. That’s what made making ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’ a great experience. That’s what made ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ a great experience – that it all came from a standpoint of just looking to the future and I think that’s what the band wanted in somebody who would play drums for them, somebody who would bring their own thing to the table.”

He said about his first show with Slipknot, “That was totally surreal. I definitely remember I could hardly eat for two days before my first show with the band, could hardly sleep, you know? How does anybody prepare for their first show with Slipknot? I couldn’t ask anybody who knows, but it was months and months, almost a year of making that album, getting ready for that first show, but nothing I could’ve prepared for would have prepared me for that moment.”

Corey Taylor called out a new Slipknot member ripoff earlier this week. Weinberg added, “The first time I walked on to my drum riser and I had my mask and my coveralls on, and I see eight other guys in front of me with their masks and coveralls, and we’re about to count off into our first song together, and the curtain is down… totally crazy. When I saw those percussion risers go up and there’s fire all around us, that was a totally unique experience that’s permanently burned, literally, into my mind. So, it was unlike anything, but yeah, I slept really well that night after my first Slipknot show. [Laughs] I slept like a fucking baby.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Weinberg’s remarks.