Tool Member ‘Freaks Out’ Crying In Leaked Photo


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan was photographed wearing a diaper and crying, and based on the size of the diaper, it looks like he may have had an accident and be in need of changing! A System of a Down member joined Tool at a concert earlier this week.

Four Weight Wineworks tweeted along with the photo, “@Tool fans in town for the Glendale concert: come in to Four Eight and @BarbiferJerome this week with your ticket stub or a TOOL T-shirt and get 10% off your Twaffle order! Plus deep discounts on Gicleé prints signed by MJK and photog Tim Cadiente. #jeromeaz #azwine #toolmusic.”

Tool fans discussed the Glendale concert on Reddit, and a bizarre guitar cabinet Maynard was carrying around onstage. cameronvwinters posted on Reddit, “I was just sitting there watching the AZ show and then all of the sudden Maynard is carrying a full 4×12 guitar cabinet. Tool made a terrifying Maynard James Keenan revelation earlier this week.

I didn’t even see where he even got it from. Then he carried it up the flight of stairs and he sat on it and dangled his feet. He seemed to gesture around the Marshall logo like he was endorsing it. Ive seen the cabinet in pics from other shows. I feel like I missed something. Anyone know what happened?”

DownInAWell said, “Tonight at the Glendale show it looked like was easily moving it around the stage, like it was gutted. Possibly very lite and maybe fake?”

placebo154 responded, “He did the same shtick both LA gigs. I noticed on the printed setlist EACH song has a placement for Maynard (stage L, R, or ROAM). This tour seems somewhat choreographed. Not a criticism, just an observation.” Tool made a horrible cancelation announcement last week.