Kurt Cobain Daughter Reveals Terrifying Bedroom Photo


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain recently made a ‘traumatic’ bedroom revelation in an Instagram story post. Frances Bean revealed what she ‘wants’ from an A-list lesbian actress yesterday.

“Yea sex is cool but have you ever been able to objectively recognize self sabotaging behaviors linked to past traumas and consciously decide to change that behavior, and then saw the results instantly.”

Kurt Cobain’s widow revealed an alleged pedophile secret a couple of weeks ago. Frances Bean’s father Kurt Cobain’s debut album with Nirvana Bleach is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg recently discussed how the strength of that album helped Nirvana land a much bigger record label deal for Nevermind.

“By this time, because Bleach had gotten a buzz, there were five or six labels that were interested. Charisma, which was part of Virgin, was very interested, Capitol, Columbia, MCA, those come to mind – there may have been one or two others that I’m forgetting. And, of course, Geffen.

John wanted to go through a couple of other meetings and conversations, which meant we waited maybe a week, and then we committed to Geffen and we got [Nirvana] a good deal, including complete control over all creative elements.

Well, we thought right away that it would be bigger than Sonic Youth, because we’d heard demos for Lithium and In Bloom, those songs in particular, which both had these incredible melodic choruses, the like of which typical punk bands did not write. And Kurt’s voice had a warmth to it that was different to a typical punk voice.”

You can read the full interview at Music Business Worldwide.