Paul McCartney Caught Wearing Terrible Wig In Photo


We promised Paul McCartney in a horrible wig and here you are! On Twitter recently, Paul McCartney and the Beatles superfan jojmacca posted this not so convincing disguise of Paul McCartney wearing a wig and sunglasses combo to a George Harrison concert. Fake mustache included! We very much doubt that Sir Paul was fooling anyone in this getup be we will let you judge for yourself. Check it out below! Paul McCartney reveals what Howard Stern did to his wife.

In other news revolving Paul McCartney, fans recently took to the Beatles subreddit to discuss the major differences between McCartney and John Lennon. DocCannery84 wrote: “In terms of music creators, I think they came from different places. I would describe it as John seeing music as a creation by an artist, it’s reception being irrelevant. Paul saw music as a gift from the artists with the reception being the key. Both loved innovation, but for different reasons: John wanted a better way to express himself while Paul wanted to offer something new to the listener.” Paul McCartney revealed an ‘overweight’ secret a few days ago.

The user continued: “In some ways, I think this means there is more of the person of John in his music than the person of Paul in his. I don’t think either perspective is wrong or right and I think that it is because of this difference, they were able to create the best works together. By working together, they had the best chance for the audience to receive exactly what the artist wanted to give. Paul as a translator of John’s thoughts to the listener.”

Paul McCartney’s wife ‘bends over’ in swimsuit photo. While PlanetFullofHippies said: “John has the vision and the muscle (in the early days before maybe 1966), the confidence, and the desire to create and manifest. Paul is the multi-instrumentalist, has the knowledge, and the desire to be a pop star.”